They are 3 guardian angels in my wonderful life ^^

God send me 3 brothers and make me laugh, cry and mad through them all
Tobias is the oldest brother than Weago and Wewin

I love them all…

I am happy when i remember how Tobias made me cry sometimes because of our stupid fights.
I love being laugh when Weago start to tell me his imagination about Pentagon, about NASA and being a billionaire someday to buy me a red Jaguar
And I felt regret after mad because of the youngest , Wewin who is silly and annoying , but also he has always been persuading me to laugh with a funny expression on his face after that all 🙂

I love to have them on my life.
I want to tell them how happy I am as their older sister, as the first daughter of my parent … and as their rasper 😉

Suddenly, today I remember that day…
When I was in 5 years old, I asked my mom to give me one or two brothers to protect me someday when we all grown up. Yeah, I have 3… not only 2. ^^

And when Tobias come in my 6th years life, i felt so excited . More excited when 2 years after Tobias, Weago was born. A charming brothers make me proud .
But when Wewin was born at my 16th years life , i am very excited than before. He was very cute and his smile always melt me.

dearest brotherObi, Me and Igo (Ewin took the pic)

I love them all. And finally, we are still protect each other til now.

Now? Tobias has been grown up well with his large heart for protecting our Mom. He always pickaback our Mom every morning to her wheelchair, and never complained. He looks like my Dad, his face and his caring of my Mom.
Weago at his first year of the college and still fighting with his ego. Like Tobias do at his age, but it will change him to be a better person than yesterday. I am very happy that he can get the scholarship but i am very upset when he failed to keep his performance in the first semester. Now, he is trying to survive and my responsibility is always helping him to through all obstacles for getting a bachelor degree .
And our little Wewin, still dream of becoming a preacher someday. Like my Dad’s dream at his childhood.

I can’t imagine how their lives in the next 10 years , but I always pray for the best of them.
Pray for their dream, their health and their life.

When I feel unhappy or sad especially when I feel this life become so heavy for me without my Dad , I try to remember the three guardian angels, and say to my self that everything gonna be alright ^^

Thank You Bro for loving me so much ^__^

12 thoughts on “THE GUARDIAN ANGELS

  1. ahhh….terharu plus sedih bacanya. Aku cuma 1 saudara laki-laki. Meski sebenarnya aku pengen banget punya abang, tapi punya adik laki-laki pun tak membuat aku lupa bersyukur kepada Tuhan. Umurnya boleh lebih muda, tapi sekarang dia tumbuh jadi laki-laki dewasa yang bersikap seolah-olah akulah adiknya yang harus dilindunginya.

    anw, salam kenal balik ya 🙂

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