One day, I went home with my Dad with motorcycle from the traditional market with some heavy grocery that I held.
At that time, the rain has just come down and the way we pass through was perforated and slippery.
My Dad rode on the motorcycle carefully , but I was still afraid we could fall because of slipped.
He was felt my worried.

He stopped the motorcycle and said , “Boruku (in Batakness it means my dearest daughter), Jangan takut . Kamu kan udah tahu Bapak selalu berhati-hati dan penuh perhitungan setiap kali mengendarai motor ini”
Since i was in primary school, my Dad always take me to school by motorcycle.
And he never fault or get on an accident.
But because of his age , and the growth of my body that is greater than him, I was afraid we could fall.

After arriving at home, I was realize that it wasn’t because of his strength so my Dad could rode the motorcycle carefully , although the road was very slipped and my weight was very heavy, but because of love.
Loves reinforce my Dad so he could carrying on my mom to the church every Sunday, and love strengthen him to take care of his children with every problem.

And how about me?
Sometimes I feel too worried in facing this hard life like when I was behind my Dad when he rode the motorcycle.
But as the time passed, I realized that if I surrender and believe like when I was holding on my Dad, I will save and feel comfort. Life is like that road.
Maybe we think that God can’t help us because of our heavy sin, but in faith that God’s love is more than anything we can’t get slipped or fall.

Happy Sunday!

16 thoughts on “LESSON OF LIFE #1

  1. yah wajar ya namanya manusia pasti suka worry ini itu… tapi emang harus sering inget2 kalo kita punya Tuhan yang akan selalu melindungi kita ya… 🙂

  2. Hi debby,
    Ingatan aku soal papa ku juga yang paling berbekas adalah waktu aku duduk di boncengan motornya. Aku nangis waktu itu krn dia harus jual motor nya untuk bayar kuliah aku. =’) kami pulang naik kereta ke Bogor dari Jakarta dan aku sumpah2 di hati kalo someday aku akan beliin dia motor lagi. Well, yeaaarrrss later, I did. =)
    Aku tersentuh baca post kamu ini. Aku nggak terlalu dekat sama papaku, mungkin nggak sedekat kamu dan papa kamu. Tapi aku tau kalau my dad was also driven by love. =)
    Thank you Debby for the beautiful post.

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