GOOD BYE 2013….

Dear 2013,

Good Bye!

I have passing you with happiness in the beginning and sorrow in the end.
Yes, when you come, i was very happy to celebrate that with my mother’s family in Cilacap
I still hear my father laugh by cellphone and said that he was hoping the best for my life at beginning of you, 2013.
But Dad never ask me about how’s my life here again since He passed away and i can’t see his smile.

It makes me very tired here… to feel sad, to cry and cry again before sleep.
I was not OK when you were going to passed.
Before you go, you surprised me with that grief.Happy-New-Year-2014-3
My Dad and my great-grandmother… they have left and leave us with sadness.

I wish that God can read this letter and pay the sorrow that He let happen in 2013 with happiness at 2014.
I don’t want to cry again in this year.
Maybe I’m too selfish, but I hope only happiness that accompanies this year until the end of

Happy in 2014 for u all my ‘SAHABLOG’
Hope this year will bring us happiness and success

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