Dear God, how are you today?
Did You and my Dad see me now?
I can not describe how is my feeling right now.
i want to cry but every people say that i can’t always cry
i want to shout but there is no right place for me to shout out my longing
sometimes i want You to hold me close so i can’t feel lonely anymore

Yes God, i am so sorry about this feeling
Whenever i hear the song of Silent Night, i just want to cry
Because this year is very Silent for me
You took my only one Dad in this world beside You
And i can’t do anything for Your will upon my life
You send another people to hold my hand but it is not as easy as they think God…

God… I am very happy for Your birth
I know that You come for bringing the peace to this world
When i look to You, i remember my Dad
I have many question for You when i pray
It’s about how amazing Your love to me, my Dad , my Mom, my brothers and silent nightsister.

I need You God , to walk beside me day by day
I couldn’t passing this life without You
I can accept the fact that You took my Dad as soon as this
Because i know Your birth brings us the happiness not the sorrow

SO , at this silent night i want to enjoy Your love for my life
My Dad always tell me that Your Love is GREAT, and You know God, i am very agree with him
When You took him from me, i believe You give me double protection for facing this world without my Dad.
I love You God…
Please tell my Dad that i miss him so much too…

For all Christian people in this world, Happy Merry Christmas for us !!!

6 thoughts on “SILENT NIGHT

  1. Merry Chirstmas, Deb. Damai dan sukacita beserta kita yaa…

    Kita senasib, Deb. Ini Natal keduaku tanpa Papa 😦 November lalu genap setahun Papaku pergi ke surga. Yang kuat ya, Deb. Biarlah ayah-ayah kita bergita dari surga 😀 GBU.

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