It Is Monday

This morning, just like another Monday for every people….
Another day that make u feeling very tired, because weekend already past
And this morning without coffee and with another traffic jam at Metropolitan City, walked and thinking about him so much.
i decided not to make him disappointed again T__T

Ga pengen mellow tapi tetep aja air mata menetes setetes saja ketika curhat abis-abisin dengan my dearest friendship out there about my man 🙂
Debb cuma mau komit soal ‘motivasi membuat Debhoy’s Blog’, bukan untuk mengeluh tapi melampiaskan keluhan menjadi suatu karya ^^

Entah kenapa, kok gag bisa nulis puisi
bukan karena ga minum kopi, sarapan mie ayam, panik soal baju di laundry yang belum diambil-ambil, tapi ini semua karena… T__T
Too hard to say in poem 😦


just wanna say sorry again to my lovely man…
i did it again and now u say i hurt you 😦
i just want u to know that i am very sorry to make u feel it again T__T

just wanna hope u will be my last an forever 🙂
i need u more than u know
i’ll wait till we can be together because of love

this morning i already know that :
u know me so well ^^

Thanx darling 🙂

It’s Monday…cheers up your soul with music and coffe before u late ^^

Gambar menjelaskan bahwa saya cuma minum cokelat untuk sarapan pagi ini ^^

maaf, narsis lagii… >__<


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